Digital Artist Free-Hy Takes Investor Protection to the Next Level

Digital Artist Free-Hy has infused his love of cryptocurrency with his art in his latest NFT Art Collection. NFTs are historic in that they prevent counterfeiting and put power back in the artist’s and art buyer’s hands. Free-Hy has taken NFT art investor protection to the next level by offering a legal contract with each of his NFTs that assures the buyer or investor the NFT will not be reproduced or minted over the stated cap.

Aside from art being an aesthetically pleasing status symbol, NFTs are an investment. Until NFTs came on the scene, not much was being done to protect the art scene and its players. One of the biggest issues with traditional art and collectibles has always been counterfeiting. NFT’s crypto code is built to thwart counterfeiters. With the help of Blockchain, the art and collectible market can be protected and prosper.

The blockchain in which his NFTs are encoded prevent counterfeiting; Free-Hy takes it a step further by including contracts with his NFTs to ensure authenticity and uniqueness. Free-Hy believes that including legally binding contracts with all his NFTs, along with a thank you letter and exclusive music soundtracks, will help to further differentiate his work from the competition.

Digital NFT Artist Free-Hy released his NFT Art CryptocurrencyCollection April 2. Free-Hy’s animated NFTs include “Whales feasting on Bitcoin,” “The Bitcoinian Dimension,” and “Bitcoin and Mars Dripping on Stacks of Cash.” Free-Hy’s Digital NFT Art Collection can be viewed on his website or at https://opensea.io/collection/cryptocurrency-collection/.